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can't help falling in love with you
pairing: hunhan (sehun / luhan)
rating: R; 1130 words
genre: romance, fluff
a/n: please let me know what you think! ; A;

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can't help falling in love with you
pairing: hunhan (sehun / luhan)
rating: R; 1087 words
genre: romance, fluff
a/n: posting my first exo fic! i don't put a lot of dialogue into my stories, gomen ^^;
[막을 수 없어, 그만하지 않습니다.]


It was around two in the morning as Sehun stumbled to find his way to the bathroom in the dark. He fumbled against the walls searching for the door. A faint light could be seen in the distance and Sehun headed towards it. As he neared closer to the light, an unmistakable sound reached Sehun’s ears. He knew all too well the grunts and moans coming from behind the closed door. Sehun wondered why Lu Han was awake this late at night but decided to ignore and head towards the bathroom. “Sehun…” a quiet voice whispered. Sehun stopped dead in his tracks, a cold shiver trailing down his body. Did Lu Han just call his name? “Fuck… Sehun…” the voice called out again. Sehun panicked and accidentally turned on the bathroom light while trying to steady himself from falling over. The light immediately splashed onto the floor, silencing all noise. Lu Han was just… calling out his name? Sehun’s heart was beating furiously; the temptation to peek inside Lu Han’s bedroom was almost undeniable. Sehun quickly relieved himself and raced back to his bedroom before he couldn’t control himself any longer.

When Sehun finally awoke in the morning from a dead sleep, he dragged his body into the kitchen, almost forgetting what happened the previous night. The other three boys were already there, Tao just finished a bowl of cereal, Kris was busy doing the dishes, and Lu Han sat at the table with his face buried in the newspaper. 

“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty, we were about to jump in your bed to wake you up~ Lu Han keeps asking about you~” remarked Tao as he entered the kitchen to stand beside Sehun.

He patted his bed hair and continued to the sink to drop off his cereal bowl along with the rest of the dirty dishes. The four boys all shared the apartment, Lu Han was the newest addition to the group, and he had gained a lot of attention from the other boys when he moved in, especially Kris. Lu Han ignored Tao’s comment and remained at the table reading the newspaper, refusing to make eye contact with Sehun. 

Kris noticed their forced interaction, “What the hell happened between you two?” 

Tao was quick to add, “Yeah I could have sworn I heard something strange last night~” 

Suddenly, Lu Han jumped out of his seat and hurried back to his room, to avoid any further embarrassment. Tao laughed with Kris at Sehun’s bewilderment and moved into the living room to sit on the couch. Sehun didn’t even notice when the other two boys left the apartment, leaving him completely alone with Lu Han. 

It wasn't like Sehun never thought about Lu Han in that way. When they first met, Lu Han’s bubbly and warm personality immediately drew Sehun to him. Lu Han was very playful and loved to make jokes, he was very childish and undeniably adorable. He was often mistaken for a 12-year-old boy. It was sort of ironic whenever Sehun called him ‘hyung.’ After only a few short days, Sehun and Lu Han quickly became friends, hanging out together every day was a normal occurrence. Their favorite hangout spot was the local bubble tea shop, where they both frequented together to share a drink. Sehun couldn't deny that he had feelings for Lu Han; his heart practically ached every time he saw him. His entire existence should be a crime. Lu Han’s bright eyes and beautiful smile nearly gave him a heart attack. Those playful touches and embraces threatened to send Sehun over the edge. Lu Han’s milky skin, flawless features, and slim body were impossible to avoid staring at. Sehun wondered if Lu Han ever caught him staring at him. Whenever Sehun was given the chance to lay his eyes on Lu Han, he would fall into a dream-like state where nothing else could hold his attention. Suddenly, Lu Han entered the room interrupting Sehun’s thoughts as he walked towards the younger boy on the couch and sat next to him. 

His expression looked pained, something seemed to be off with him as he began to speak, “Do you want to go get some bubble tea with me?” Lu Han tried to suggest in the most casual way. 

Sehun’s heart began to race with sweaty palms. “Yeah, sure, let’s go out.” 

Sehun didn't want anything to be awkward between them, so he nonchalantly touched Lu Han’s arm and then moved his fingers through Lu Han’s hair. The older boy quickly turned away, coughing and hiding his face from Sehun. He couldn’t see how red Lu Han’s face got, but when he turned back around after a couple of moments, Sehun could see the faint tint of a blush warming his cheeks. Sehun swallowed slowly, the air between them was so stiff, when had it ever been this uncomfortable before? Did Lu Han realize that Sehun caught him last night?

“I’ll go get ready and then we can go.” Sehun said and retreated to his bedroom, confused to say the least.

He went to take a shower, the feeling of them being alone in the apartment, with such tension between the two boys made Sehun anxious. Hot water steamed and beat against Sehun’s back as he ran shampoo through his hair. His mind started to wander towards his discovery last night, imagining Lu Han in a compromising position, calling out his name. Before he realized it, Sehun’s dick began to throb. Could Lu Han really have this sort of power over him? He shouldn't be having thoughts like this, Lu Han was his hyung and above all else, a guy. The image of Lu Han stroking his own dick, thinking about Sehun and saying his name, Sehun couldn't force it out of his head. The desire to touch himself was too strong as he began to massage his own dick, thinking about Lu Han calling his name. He started to imagine other ways of Lu Han calling out his name, making him sweat and beg for mercy. Urges that Sehun had never encountered before immediately made him come without warning. A moan and sigh accidentally escaped his lips as Sehun’s orgasm shook his body. Fuck, Sehun thought. What if Lu Han heard him and was actually standing outside the door? There was no way of explaining what he had just been doing, and especially what he had been thinking. Sehun shook his head, finished cleaning himself, and turned off the water. Dead silence.
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10 December 2012 @ 09:50 pm
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